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My head is swimming!

I have spent the past two days immerse in Webcast Academy.  While I love learning about this, I must admit, I became rather frustrated with myself in not being able to figure out what my recording problem was.  I was being stubborn, thinking I could figure it all out on my own, and didn't take the time to ask for help, until I just simply couldn't take it anymore.  That's when I joined the Webcast Academy chat.  I asked if anyone was there who coud help with my inability to record the voice of whom I was skyping. My voice recorded perfectly, just not theirs.  Not more then ten minutes later, Jose responded and helped me to troubleshoot my problem.  He was so awesome.  Come to find out, it was a easy fix...I needed a usb mic.  So, my husband went into town and got me one at the Best Buy. 

Now, I am able to record both ends of the skype call, however, the volume of who I called is very low.  I have tried adjusting all the volume controls, they are all maxed out, but it is not making any difference.  I can hear the voice perfectly in my headphones, it just doesn't record very loud.  I ask for any input into this problem, as I obviously will need to be able to figure it out! 

I must admit, I totally feel like I have accomplished something by getting this assignment completed!  Although it is not the quality I would like, as I need to get the volume problem fixed, AND, I need to work through talking through the delay in my ears (I sound very monotone and am talking very slow in my recording) at least I was able to get to this step.  Thanks, Jose, because I couldn't have done it without you!

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