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Academy Meeting & Class of 1.2 Orientation

Apologies for the late posting. (Welcome to the Academy)

This will be a continuation of our first orientation meetng for the incoming class as the graduating class deals with Finals Week business.

Sunday July 23 6pmPDT/9pmEDT/1amGMT


Early to rise or late to bed

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Mmm. Synochronicity - is that the word - has obvious disadvantages. I'm looking forward to the event greatly, but 1:00 a.m GMT is an awful time for GMT +1 Germany.


I'll try to be there. At least no other appointments will get in the way.



If you're still awake

If you're still awake Dennis, please note that an additional orientation meeting has been added at 7pmGMT.

As global participation increases, hopefully there will be an increasing number of workshop sessions at alternative times.

The general rule around here is whoever suggets an idea takes responsibility for making it happen. So don't be surprised Dennis if you soon become the host of Webcast Academy European Zone Workshops :)

And over in Germany it is currently 02.33 local time

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Correction. It is even worse. Germany is + 2 GMT.


Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Message box will only accept a few words. When was the orientation?

Orientation meeting

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY Thanks a lot for answering. Just for the sake of information, did the meeting this morning take place? If so, I didn't find it, and I'd like to understand why.

 I really hope to get it right this evening and have ensured I can access with Firefox and/or IE.

If we discover I can be where I should at the right time and I can help the continental Europeans - just ask away.  Dennis

Stream Times


The webcast this morning was a simulcast of a Webheads flashmeeting (not directly related to Webcast Academy). See for the recording. The stream is usually off when shows are not on, so until shortly before showtime you will not be able to access it.


Making contact

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY At the moment my PC says - using IE -  it cannot play Channel 1 with any of the three offers . I hope this is because Channel 1 is not on line.


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