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!Week Three Assignment - Paul McLean - 02-09-08


I used Ustream for this assignment.  I broadcasted and recorded a video stream.  As a result you will need to use the link I have provided you at the bottom of this text to view my week 3 assignment.

I used my webcam for one of my video streams.

 I used WebcamMax  for another one of my video streams.

I used my new usb microphone for one of my audio inputs.

I used the audio from my flash animation as played through the soundcard of my machine for the other audio input.

 This was made much harder than it could have been because the machines I have access to in order to do this do not have the horsepower to deal with running WebcamMax and the Audio Repeater software.  Because of this I had to switch the audio manually.

Even doing it manually, it appeared that I was not successful because I was hearing clipping from my end while I was streaming.  You can even here me say in the recording that I did not think this was working.

However it did work as you can see from the recording that can be found here:,wbHSRV,IbOmTem0Ia5

There is some funny stuff at the end of this video stream recording, so it will be worth it to view the entire thing.

When I get a better machine with more horsepower, I will try posting something similar but using the Audio Repeater so that I won't have to manually switch the audio.  'the biggest problem with doing this manually is that you cannot use the microphone and the audio from the screen at the same time, and this may there will be times you will need to hear both at the same time.  But this will have to wait for when I get a better machine.

Here is the link one more time, I hope you enjoy it:,wbHSRV,IbOmTem0Ia5


That was excellent!

Paul I had no problems watching anything you did. I was really impressed with the way you switched applications. You certainly have raised the bar. Lorna Costantini

Now if I can get my hands on a more powerful machine

My goal is to make this all work automatically without having to really monitor what is going on.  However, I will need a duel or multiprocessor core machine to work from to do this with.  It is really hard to do this stuff when you can't run the audio repeater while you are running the other applications such as WebcamMax.

Loved the Dylan Christmas

Paul, just watched the whole thing. I used the pop up. All went well.

Use the Open in Pop Up Window Feature for a bigger display

Use the Open in Pop Up Window feature to see this with a bigger display.


You will also have to pause the smaller version before doing this to avoid them both playing at the same time. 

audio | by Dr. Radut