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Streaming into/within/from Real-Live Workshops (Classrooms, Meetings)

A. Introduction

Benchmark Examples 

Lebow and Maddrell Workshop about Webcasting at SLN Summit 2008,XZ

DesiLu style Three "Camera" system by Academy Intern Paul McLean 

Video: Classroom Of The Future HD: What's New in Educational Tech

IBM Forecast on the Virtual Workplace 

Project Wonderland

B. Configuration

NASA Conference Organizer 

Wiki-Category: Film Techniques 

 ePresence: Web Conferencing and Webcasting System (freeware)

C. Process

C1. Administration Processes

C2. Core Processes

C3. Support Processes

Skype Help Page: Call Quality Issues

Skype's help page delivers some insight about: Avoiding call echo, Avoiding background noise, One way sound, Robotic sound, Words cut off, Delay


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Captured Workshop Requirements from SLN Summit

Nice-to-Have Scenario (results from the SUNY Learning Network SOL Summit Webcast)

Receiver Receiver notes
Webcaster Webcaster Notes
Lecturer notes
2 computer screens

Three Cameras
Two Computers
Adequate zooming  and resolution capability of camcorder needed
Laptop. laser pointer Needs agreement regarding the svideo connection
Stabile browser

Separate zooming of the video streams
Rendered resolution is a problem

Streamed font size within the presentation is a problem
Needs requirements for creation
1 Audio stream to the

1 USB microphone


Stream 1:
Camcorder with adequate zoom capability

Stream 2:
Svideo from the computer with the PowerPoint presentation
The changeover time between lectures and different lecturer computers presents a problem

Backup stream:
From the 2nd camcorder



The user is able to zoom each video stream into both computer screens separately

Both video streams are embedded into 2 separate browser windows


Indirect lighting located behind the projector screen

Here is a screencast explaining how it was done.

Here is a screencast explaining how the Three "Camera" Webcast from the SLN Summit was performed. I will note here that many of the presenters wanted to use their own comptuers and did not have S-Video Out, so many of the presentations were a two camera shoot.

Configuration Overview

An excellent job done. A scheme diagram of the configuration would be nice. James/Eurominuteman

Audio Echo Behavior during a Workshop

Wiki makes a recommendation to this problem: 

"One of the most direct uses of equalization is at a live event, where microphones and speakers operate simultaneously. An equalizer is used to ensure that there are no frequency bands where there is a round trip gain of greater than 1, as these are heard as audible feedback. Those frequencies are cut at the equalizer to prevent this."


This is somthing I really need to look into.

I will be bstreamcasting a live event using Ustream in a couple of weeks, where I am going to have this problem.  Anyone have any step by steps with a particular euqalizer that they know works?

More about the Microphone and Speakers

Wiki: Microphone 

Wiki: Loudspeakers 


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