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Parents as Partners Parent Involvement Webcast

This is the recording for the first webcast of Parents as Partners. Matt Montagne and I joined together to interview two parents Cindy Zautcke and Rhoda Cipparone. The topic of the web cast was the impact of online social networking on our children. This 30 minute live webcast is my first interncast. Skype and Skypeout contacts were used to record the conversation. Matt managed the chat room and helped me pace the conversation. I ran the web cast using a MAC bookpro (Leopard) nicecast and logitech usb headset. Matt used a USB mike, Rhoda was on a portable phone and Cindy I think was using a headset as well. Looking forward to producing more Parents as Partners webcasts. Matt's support was fantastic and it made the process seem effortless. Matt for president. Thanks Darrell, Lee and Sheila for letting me practice and holding the net.
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 You did a great job Lorna! I had to leave my computer at one point (and actually "attend" the meeting I was at) and when I came back you were done! I'm going to listen to the rest of it now!

Sheila A., Science teacher, NH

audio | by Dr. Radut