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Lorna Costantini

I'm passionate about connecting parents and schools in supporting student achievement. I am a former school board trustee for the Niagara Catholic District School Board and recently facilitated a parent involvement project called Student Learning a Parent Focus. The project was the Parent Reaching Out project funded by the Ministry of Education as part of the initiatives to increase parent involvement. My interest in connecting parents and schools using technology steams from the work done in 2001 for the Ontario Ministry of Education in the Ontario Knowledge Network for Learning project. I had the privilege of chairing a working group that made recommendations for the use of Information communication technology in the classroom. The parent and community aspect of the project was my responsibility. I currently maintain the website www.ourschool.cato support the Parents as Partners webcast.
Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
This recording was accomplished using Nicecast for Mac, Skype and Skype Out. The file was edited in audacity and then posted to the blog for Parents as Partners as part of a series of podcasts. Keeping track of the numbers of the episodes is a problem. The technical part has been easy thanks to my Mac. The web cast was recorded using the built in server feature of Nicecast
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
This was the first broadcast using the Shoutcast server. Matt Monange, Cindy Zautcke and Rhoda Cipparone joined in a Skype conference call with a mixed audio source. Matt, Cindy and I used headsets and Rhoda was a Skype Out call using a standard land line phone. We had tested the process and found that a portable phone does not work well. Matt and I had planned on a 30 minute show but found the participants were so excited they wanted to keep talking. Matt and I did a pre-show conference call to review the script and the plan for the meeting See show notes attached
Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 
Show hosts - Myself, Matt Montange, Rhoda Cipparone. Guests CIndy Zautcke and Sharon Peters. I moderated the discussion and Matt moderated the chat room. Lively discussion about students using web based application and connecting parents. See Show notes and chat logs attached. Have always had a discomfort with using Skype and dropped Sharon out of the conference call. Matt was most helpful in teaching me to drag a contact into the conference call. I am still challenged with monitoring the chat room as I cannot type fast enough and am a poor typist.

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