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Webcast Report - Lee Baber

Hardware --
PowerBook G4
Mac OS X - Version 10.4.7
Memory 512 MB DDR SDRAM
Wireless AirPort Extreme

For software I use Nicecast, Skype and WireTapPro for streaming and recording with the Nicecast recording the audio as well for backup. I use Audacity or GarageBand for post-production of audio. I have used a Planetronics headset with mic and mic mute/headphone volume controls, a usb LogiTech mic, and am now experimenting with an M-Audio FastTrack recording interface (mic pre-amp and digital converter) with a Shure SM57 mic.

For me the biggest hurdle initially was broadcasting from within the school network. I could not connect to the stream due to filters at schools so I had to be connected by the home team (Dave, Jeff, Alex, etc) and host from Skype which does work at the school. From home streaming is easy, but I had to work on making sure all the audio settings on the mac were set correctly so I could be heard on the stream. By watching the audio LEDs in Nicecast, I know if I am getting a signal from my voice as well as from the participants joining me. Echo/Sound Test Service (echo123 in Skype) will give you a connection to test this detail.

My only advice is practice broadcasting and recording more than once before your official show begins, and listen to playback for audio discrepancies. Murphy's law applies here for sure but its worth the effort.

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