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First interncast on Antarctica

Just posted my first interncast. I had recorded it before our Feb. vacation. I had trouble getting into Sandbox A beforehand and wondered what I was doing wrong. Lee came to the rescue. Figured I was doing everything right, so switched to B and it worked fine. Thanks for the support Lee!

We recorded during the day at school, so I was lucky there were no announcements until the end of the day. [Hadn't thought about that until it was about to happen.] Sarah S helped with feedback about the sound levels. [Thanks Sarah!] It took me awhile to get used to the echo while talking. Also, took time to get used to multi-tasking involved with hosting, checking the chat and actually, listening. I'm sure it will come with practice. We experienced some problems with speakers being too close and a new microphone, but we were able to skype in a first grade class with no problems. Off to a good start!

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