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first assignment

I downloaded Audacity, LameLib, Nicecast and recorded my Intro. I can't wait to meet the other folks in class. I hope Susan is around as she said she would mentor me. See you soon.



intro072306.mp3609.48 KB


Hi Cheryl!

Hi Cheryl,



Together once Again!

Hi, Cheryl!

Nice to see you around! As Erika pointed out, it's nice to hear familiar voices here. It makes us feel at home, although I don't get that anxious at home :=))

I hope to have lots of Webheads' Webcasting fun!

See you around.

beijos from Brazil,


Hello Cheryl

Hi Cheryl! This is Erika Cruvinel; your brazilian friend. When Carla convinced me to join the Webcast Academy I was really nervous, and I am still nervous. But then I saw your name in the list and I listend to your familiar voice, so I feel a little bit more comfortable now. Anyway, let's cross our fingers and take this new challenge!




Itsn't it funny to feel nervous about this, I am nervous and can't explain why, however, now that you and Carla are joining in, I'll be more relaxed. One friend Alice is this class, so we shall have fun!

Hugs and Kisses!

Cheryl Oakes

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