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Another Interncast...that wasn't

We had another "Tech Talk" with a small little student webcasting team that I'm trying to develop.  A special shout out to Durff, Scott Meech, JRod (Jose), hfeldman, and James Sigler for listening in and participating in the chat.  The student team did a wonderful job, taking both the intro and outro for the show.  I was simply there to scaffold the conversation and be the streaming robot.  Unfortunately, I didn't archive the conversation!  It is too bad, because we really had a nice conversation about jailbreaking the iPhone, portable/cheap computers, and we pulled some really good questions out of the chat as well.

We're looking at doing another one of these during the week of May 12th...I'll be sure to hit the archive button this time in "Nicecast" so I can get credit for interncast #3.

 Thanks again to all who joined!  Much appreciated!


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