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InternCast#3 Jane Jiang 2008-05-11

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Hi, this is The JJ Show #3 about "Music Within".  It's more than just music, and it's more than just talk. The Music Show will be a mix of music, interviews, and information about China & Chinese culture.

Many thanks to Aasha/Aixing and XYL, the two guests who are professional musicians from North-America.

Special thanks to Mr. Bai Long for performing as well ;)

P.S. Thanks to my friend J from myspace who helped me to find those classical Chinese songs within this JJ Show. J, you saved my day ;0 Double “J”s to you lol...

Jane Jiang TV interviewer from WZTV CN
Host of The Live JJ Show at the Webcast Academy in America

Chat Log Below


20:54:54 NEON: hello
20:55:19 NEON: are busy?
20:56:09 NEON: anyone even in here?
20:56:48 Jane Jiang: Hi Everyone, "Music within" will be performed in 4 minutes. there are two professional musicans, named Aasha and XYL as official guests in this JJ Show. welcome to participate into the program. XIEXIE. have some good time with us ;)
20:57:06 Jane Jiang: hello Neon, welcome
20:57:12 NEON: thankyou
20:57:30 NEON: I am trying to find tech advice for computer?
20:58:28 NEON: oh well...have a nice day
21:10:09 Jane Jiang: hello Mr. Bai long
21:17:26 Bailong: Hello
21:18:22 Bailong: You mean to stop player before answer your Skype call?
22:08:59 Bailong: I will leave now.
22:09:20 Bailong: Thank you for a very fun and enjoyable experience.
22:19:07 Jane Jiang: thank you all of you
22:19:11 Jane Jiang: take care
22:19:37 aixing: lol
22:19:48 Jane Jiang: :)
22:19:57 aixing: Xie Xie JJ!
22:20:00 Jane Jiang: have a wonderful weekend
22:20:12 Jane Jiang: Xie xie Nimen
22:20:39 aixing: My pleasure. Best wishes,
22:27:30 Jane Jiang: Hi Steve WEISS, you are late ;)
22:27:43 Jane Jiang: but thanks for you dropping by anyway :0


A. Weren't the transcripts recorded from the floating windows in the chat room?

B. Were Chinese characters not accepted either at the chat room?


Great stuff, Jane Click on the slide show of the performers James/Eurominuteman

audio | by Dr. Radut