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Earthbridges-May 18th, 2008 Planning Session

We had a nice check-in meeting today to continue our talks about building the Earthbridges Community.  The Earthbridges Crew would like to welcome both Sonja Gonzalez and Robin Ellwood to the team!  Both Sonja and Robin joined Andreas, Sheila, Mrs, Durff, Joao and myself on the call today.  I apologize to the Earthbridges Crew for moving the meeting up two hours.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 8th at 18:00 GMT.

 A shout out to Mrs. Durff for taking meeting notes.  The notes are posted online here and the recorded audio is submitted along with this post.  FYI:  The meeting really doesn't get going until about 4 minutes in.

 If you can, visit the Earthbridges Community planning wiki at:  . Feel free to add your thoughts regarding the direction of the Earthbridges community.  We're especially in need of developing a mission statement for the community.  Please contribute if you have a spare moment.

 See you all on the 8th of June for our next meeting.  Good luck with the end of the year circus at your schools and keep up the good deeds!





audio | by Dr. Radut