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Webcast Academy 1.1 - Workshop Webcast#1

A hands-on, 'give it a shot' workshop webcast.
We'll start all together simulcasting in Sandbox#1 & 2, then break up into OS based groups if necessary.
Sandbox #1 - Mac
Sandbox#2 - Windows


Late as usual...

I know teachers have theories about why students come in late...I really have no excuse. Actually, I have been really busy the last few weeks with the Annual KnowTips conference and had not had a chance to tune in to WorldBridges, and I had not been reading my email updates and didn't know this was occuring until today (Wednesday). I will clear my calendar for any future get togethers. I am really, really looking forward to this learning experience.


Calculate Meeting Times

Our next meeting (Start: 2006-04-13 23:59 Timezone: Etc/GMT) is Thursday 7:59 pm New York, USA time. I am using the two tools at the site below to determine this. Hope this helps. Hope I am right!

Time chage?

Hi Everybody,

Did the time change for this event? I thought it said 16:59 GMT... that would be about 10 minutes ago... now it says 23:59.... any clarification would be welcomed.

~Lost in Time

TIME BUG ALERT - Hi Timothy,

If you have adjusted your user preferences to your local timezone, it will adjust the time for upcoming events to your local timezone, but will still say GMT. This is a bug we are looking into. The time is 23:59 GMT for the show.

how to understand the time change feature

I remember trying to adjust it to my local time but failed. The time change setting is extremely confusing. For example, what is "Tuesday 11, 2006 - 17:00 - 07:00" mean? Is it what my local time was between those hours compared to GMT or vise versa or something else?


time zone issue

I'm having hard time with this "Etc/GMT" stuff. Is it GMT or ETC? Aren't they separate timezones? Then I don't understand why they're put together as if either one of them. That can't be true. Please clarify.


I can't do this!

I am really sorry. This is way over my head. I enrolled on a whim on Sunday, it sounded great and someday I really would like to learn how to do it--but I can't even understand the comments people are leaving here. It's like a foreign language to me! How do I unsubscribe myself?

BTW I think it's a wonderful idea and really great to offer it to the masses like this--but some of us masses just ain't ready!

no worries...

Hi Nina,

You are not alone, there are several people still confused by the terminology. it takes some time... come around tonight if you've got the time...

But please post your questions! What words do you not understand? You are exactly the person that we're hoping to reach...

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