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Digital Chalkie Webcast#2 - Classroom Blogging Part 2

Digital Chalkie will be continuing the discussion about classroom blogging this Sunday, the 30th of July, at 5pm West Australian time (9am GMT).

Join us as we discuss some further teaching aspects of blogging with Jo Mcleay of The Open Classroom. We will then delve further into the "techie" issues of setting up classroom blogs with an overview of some blogging options; some specifics about setting up WordPress on a local server; some outside hosting options; and effective ways to set up your blogs.

We welcome anyone who has experience with installing various blogging tools to join us and share your knowledge and insights with the teaching community.

Please note that we will be keeping the formal part of the show to an hour in length as strictly as possible, there will however be opportunity for further discussion in a post-show session from 6pm onwards for those who are interested in sharing further discussion and addressing specific issues (an unedited post-show podcast will also be made available).

Hope you can join us.

Brad Hicks and Paul Reid


Digital Chalkie

Your show sounds interesting. I am going to try and catch it.

Look for me in the chat room.
Cheryl Oakes

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