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Few tips for laptop and WI-FI users

If you would like to stream your show from a laptop, you have to be aware of at least one thing. Some programs (Oddcast for sure) refuse to connect to the stream-server if you are running laptop from you battery. Secondly, using WI-FI (wireless internet) connection for live webcasting may not be a good idea. When you are webcasting, you are sending 'connection packages' on a constant basis and WI-FI internet is not stable enough for such operation (I've experienced it myself).

To test the speed of your internet connection, try something like
this Internet Speed Test


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Bandwidth Concerns

You'd like at least 100kbs upload. 112.5 doesn't mean you have to give up, but it does mean you need to be concerned about bandwidth issues.
   I would advise streaming at 32kbs, not 64kbs. You also want to limit the number of people in your Skype conference. If you have more than 1 or 2 people in your call, you'll probaby want to use a skypecast.

What is a good result?

So what would be an acceptable result for the speed test? I just went there with my wireless laptop and got about 490Kbps for download and 112.5 kbps for upload. Does this mean I have to give up and go home?

Anne F

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