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Class of 1. 2 - Workshop#1 Reminder and Screencasts

Hello Interns,

   Just a reminder that we have two workshops scheduled this week.

  • Sunday July 30, 4pmGMT (9amPDT/noonEDT/9:30pm Delhi/midnightPerth)
  • Thursday, Aug. 3 (Wed night) , 2amGMT (7:30am Delhi/10amPerth - Wed. 7pmPDT/10pmEDT)

We will be working on recording both ends of telephonycalls. You'll need your USB desktop mic, and the basic pieces of software listed in the Webcaster Kit.
Windows users, please check out the new screencast on this topic at:

Mac and Linux users, we do not yet have screencasts specifically about recording two way audio for those OS's, but Lee's Nicecast tutorial may be of help to Mac users. If any Mac or Linux users can produce a screencast on this topic, please do so.

There is now a Book section for existing screencasts at:

 To those who have already posted your audio introductions - great job!  I've really enjoyed listening to them.  To those haven't posted their introductions yet, we look forward to hearing them.

 Quick links to audio introductions:
Paul Reid
Paul Ellerman
Carla (by Erika)
Erika (by Carla)
Liz (with photo)

Hope you are all having a great weekend and look forward to connecting soon.



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