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Workshop experience

Before the next session, my personal aim is to find out if:


1.   One should head straight for a Skypecast connection and NOT go to the Academy.

2.   If, after making the connection, once should join chatroom at the Academy 

3.   Jeff referred to asking for the microphone. Where? In which window?


I could hear perfectly, and it was fascinating, but I couldn't join if, for the reasons above.




I can't stop Screencasting!!!

I can't stop Screencasting!!!

 Dennis, hopefully the latest screencast - "How to participate in a Worldbridges Live, Interactive Webcast" will answer most of your questions.



Screencasting (and participation )

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Thanks. Plato, I LOVE your screencasts. I find the combination of voice and animated screen shots a quite excellent way of presenting information and explaining how to do things.


Are you willing to reveal how you get your multiple screens to appear re-sized - not full-size so that they obliterate what is already open?


Dennis aka Osnacantab

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