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Work in progress (con)

Cursor froze in the first half of this message, so I decided to post and continue here. This has happened before and I suspect - will not use it - the apostrophe! - that seems to sometimes freeze the cursor.

Jeff sent a message to the evo 2002 list reporting that he had done a screencast on window management. I have not found this yet,
BUT I must look again.

Practising Skpye interviews - did a trial, using Audacity, BUT, my voice - very good recording - interviewee - pretty faint. This was using a headcast, but separate mike (non-USB).

At same time, recorded trial conversation with PowerGrammo. Pretty good quality both voices, though do not know if good enough for streaming, and Grammo records in (I think this is the name) ogg. Would that create problems?

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