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Audio recording

I used a small piece of a skpe conversation that Lee and I had while she was helping me with WireTap Pro. The first attachment is the segment edited and the second attachment is the same audio unedited.

There are 4-5 places where her speech is slurred. It really bothers me but I was unable to correct it. I hope someone else has some ideas about how to avoid the "slurring sound" or how to fix it.

I opened the aiff file from wiretap pro in audacity and then in both cases exported as mp3 files to post here.

testedited.mp3526.94 KB
testunedited.mp3677.35 KB


Audio Comparisons


I really like the idea of posting raw and edited versions of audio.  Thought it might be interesting to include visual comparisons of what the audio 'looks' like as well. I opened both pieces of audio and took a 'print screen' of them, then edited the image a bit in fireworks.

recording a Skype conversation

I don't hear any difference between the edited and unedited -- they both sound excellent.



I tried to balance the volume of the two voices and edited out a number of silences and ums and ohs- but couldn't get rid of the moments of slurred words.

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