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Class of 1.2 - Week#2 Update

Hello All,

   A few announcements and updates...

Topic #1 - Two Way Telephony Recording
- audio and chatlogs from Workshops 1a & 1b are online at

Related screencasts at:
Intern tasks:
  • Record and upload an introduction
  • Record and upload a recorded skype call
Topic #2 - Basic Streaming
Workshop #2a - Sunday, August 6 - 9amPDT/noonEDT/4pmGTM (global times)
Workshop #2b - Thursday, August 10 - 9pm GMT+8 (global times)

Related Screencasts (best if you can watch these and try things out before the workshops)
Access information to the Webcast Academy streams will be provided during the workshops.  In the meantime, you should be able to experiment with most other aspects of streaming by following along with the screencasts.

Webcast Tech Support Team Needed!
EdTechTalk is hosting a 'Community Forum' Sunday, August 6 5pmPDT/8pmEDT/midnight GMT (global times)
It's gotten a lot of attention in the blogosphere and we expect a significant number of first time webcast participants who may be in need of tech assistance.  Anyone  who is available to provide help during the show (most probably through the text chat room) is very welcome/encouraged to join the Webcast Academy Support Team. We can discuss details of how that will function during workshop 2a.

All for now.
Thanks to everyone for a great start to start to the 1.2 term.

Good night from Bow,

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