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Recording in Audacity with SAM on WinXP

I broadcast on Sandbox A. I'm not really sure I was broadcasting but I heard the echo, my meters moved and I followed the old SAM screencast. I then recorded in Audacity. The attachments are -the Audacity file saved as a mp3, the Audacity saved as WAV and the stream, saved in SAM as an mp3, opened in Audacity and edited just for length and saved. I had to close the file and just click save or it wanted to save it as an Audacity file or cause me to have to export it as mp3, which would have meant saving an mp3 again as an mp3 which I thought would be a bad idea... not sure where to go with this next. Can anyone hear a difference? None of the files are edited for sound quality.

Latebreaking news.. the stream file it turned out was aup and both aup and wav can not be uploaded... so in the eternal search for better sound.. what does anyone think of all this??

audacitymp3.mp3287.83 KB

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