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Interview about Volunteer Work in South Africa

I thought I would post a brief interview that involved recording both ends of a Skype conversation. It finally turned out to be quite easy, requiring nothing more than setting Audio Hijack Pro to the Skype application and clicking record.

What I was most pleased about was the complete lack of latency. I did not hear any feedback or echo of myself in the headset. Another important feature for me was the quality of the recording with an iSight camera (firewire), as this is what we will use in our Mac lab for the Japanese students. Also the ease of use makes it possible to set up as a class assignment.

Unfortuntely a Persian teacher was meeting with students in Ryan's office when I called -- it is a little disurbing and for a recording that I would archive I would call back at another time. Still, it provides evidence for me that the recording will be satisfactory when other students are talking simultaneously.

For the record, the recording was not possible on my old G4 with only a 400 mhz processor. (We both used e-macs with a 700 mhz processing speed.)

This recording was set at 'recording spoken word' which gives an MP4 audio file at 32 kbps, stereo. Next time I would customize it to an MP3, but it was easy to edit the MP4 in Sound Studio 3.

I normalized at 75% amd cut out the very beginning and very end.

Now on to broadcasting...

Soweto.mp36.69 MB

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