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Connecting USB microphones

Quick note to say that it's a really good idea to ensure that your USB microphone is connected BEFORE you start up audio applications that will look for the mic as a source.

Of course your computer won't see the mic if it's not plugged in and some applications won't recognize it unless it's connected when the application is started.

You may need to restart applications to get them to "see" the mic, once you've plugged it in.

audio related questions

Hi all,

I got some questions and asked Jeff through Skype chat. Jeff gave me some answers and asked me to post them here so that others may benefit and/or add more answers. My biggest question still is that do we have to use USB headphones (if not really for now, do we at some point soon in near future?) and why and why? Thanks to Jeff and here you go:

Hi Jeff,
a few questions about recording skype calls:
1. I got a USB headphone and now I can record my Skype covnversations. but it turn out that with non-USB, normal headphone I can also record.
So do I have to have a USB headphone for this and/or for anything else?
I'm using a software called "PowerGramo" to record. so -
2. is there any way to do the recording without any such software stuff? becuase in the beginning it sounded to be possible. although i'm not sure where i got the information.
3. it seems like PowerGramo is so far only recording Skype calls and nothing else. So is there software that could record all coversations, not just Skype, but also Yahoo Mesenger, MSN, and just my own talking, etc.?


Hello Dugar,
Please post these and other questions on the Webcast Academy Forums - that way others who have the same questions in future can benefit and others who may no parts of the answer I don't can help out.
I have never succeeded using a USB headset mic - only a stand alone USB desktop mic. Others I think were able to make a headset work, but I have not.
If you use Virtual Audio Cables (see toolkit) you should be able to use audacity to record audio from other telephony programs (as long as 'stereo mix' or 'what u hear' is selected). Will try to put together some screenshot videos soon the describe what I'm talking about.


RE: Audio Questions

You left out some crucial information in your questions.
What operating system are you running?
This will make a huge difference in the way you need to configure your system to record.

I will look further into "PowerGramo" and get back to you.


Audio Questions

thanks Tim. My OS is Windows XP. Anything else?


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