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Heading offline for a while

Hello all,

   Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be (mostly) offline for the next couple of weeks - we leave for Korea in a few hours. If any interns would like to host a workshop or schedule 'sandbox playtime', please do so.  Just click 'create content'/ event.  When you post an event, the default timezone is GMT, but you can choose any timezone you like.  That timezone will be the one shown to all visitors.  To avoid confusion, I very much suggest including a link to a world times page, like this -
Workshop #SomethingA - Sunday, Sept. 3, 4pmGMT (global times).

You can also send a newsletter to all interns by clicking 'create content'/ newsletter and choose 'webcast academy intern newsletter'.

May the streaming force be with you and I will very much look forward to connecting upon return.

Anyong for now,

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