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Consenting adults - Who is willing to take me over?

I just described my continuing failure to stream. I tried uploading screenshots of the steps I take, but the server simply took too long to upload and I aborted the attempt.

Am I the ONLY PC intern trying and failing?

I'm determined to succeed, but determination hasn't got me very far up to now.

Does anyone know UNYTE? It's a program, Skype related, that allows consenting adults to take over each other's computers. Would anyone like to take over mine and get me streaming?



help needed

Hi Dennis and Brad,

I feel terrible because I'm a 1.1 intern who's doing pretty well all in all and wants to help the next group. The problem is that I'm just stealing a moment or two early this morning while my girls are still asleep but other than that they both go off to college, one for the first time, in the next few days. When I come back from the last "delivery" after Labor Day (Sept. 5) I will be more than glad to spend as much time as you need helping! (around my school schedule because on that day I also start teaching again) - but I'm sure we can get you both up and running!!

Help needed

Dennis Newson


Thanks so much for replying, demonstrating once again that frequently it is the busiest people that manage to find a bit of time.

But never forget: real life comes first!

When your girls are settled in and you have recovered, I'll still be here - streaming or steaming!


Sessions this week

Hi Dennis,

Sorry to hear that you're having difficulties. I also need to apologize for "dropping the ball" by not hosting a show last weekend. I promised JL that I'd cover WA sessions in his absence and missed last week's.

I'd like do a session on Sunday, at the usual time.

There's also the EdTechTalk Brainstorms on Thursday nights in North America for anyone who can make it. I recognize this isn't a convenient time for many in Europe, and parts beyond, but those who can't make it are welcome to send me a voicemail with any comments/questions for those in the Skypecast.

Uploading problems

Hi Dennis, I have had the same problem too, since 1.1 class. have spoken with Jeff and Dave at length about it but not entirely sure what the problem is. I'm having the same problem with my own Bluehost account, and just as soon as i have a few free seconds i intend to email them to see if they can help me out, but you are not alone on this one. Temporary measure is to upload to some other server space if you have some available and link to the files there.



Uploading attachments

Dennis Newson

Thanks for the tip, Brad. I can upload to my homepage server, and give links to my screenshots there.


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