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Completed first Webcast on Sandbox A

Brad Hicks talked me through my first webcast today. I was able to record 20 minutes of audio using Skype and Nicecast archiving set-up. We used Sandbox A. I also experimented with hijacking iTunes. I was happy with the recording though I will need to be careful that my audio is not recording at a higher level than incoming audio in the Skype source.

I find that Audacity uses a lot of system resources so I was happy to be able to record/archive the audio within Nicecast. I used AIFF as a lossless recording but would like to test AAC and MP3 at another stage.

Thanks go out again for to Brad for giving up some of his Sunday afternoon to talk me through the use of Nicecast.

I look forward to working on my "Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills" in subsequent webcasts.


Paul Reid

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