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JasonR's first success

Yeah! Finally had my first success with Nicecast tonight. I was able to cast into Sandbox B. Seems so easy in hindsight. Cormier promises it gets easier. I believe him. :)



yeah Jason!! why didn't I know so I could listen??? That's great and yes it gets easier.... except when it just doesn't want to work... like for me last week for the first 10 minutes of our show!!

I emailed NiceCast to ask what Advanced Device Options in Audio source mean and Advanced Hijacking Options mean in Application source... have you had any experience with them? I haven't received an answer yet....

Advanced Device Options and Hijacking Options in Nicecast

Check out this link to see a little explanation on hijacking options and device options... after you click, scroll down to the fourth (?) article.

"The default mode for Audio Hijack has always been to capture audio output streams, typically the first such stream in an application. Thus, you play something in RealPlayer, Audio Hijack picks the first audio output stream, and records it. Simple and effective. But then you try to record a Skype call, there are both input and output audio streams. Your caller's audio exists as an audio output, but your voice only exists as audio input (and isn't played locally). Audio Hijack Pro thus ends up being blind to your voice, and can only hear the caller."

Now, They make fixing this easy with their new UPDATE TO HIJACK PRO! See note below--

"To fix this, we added a new mode to the hijacker in 2.7, called MegaMix. Simply put, MegaMix will capture and mix every audio input and output stream from an application, all together. Thus if you have a conference call in iChat, it will correctly record your voice as well as all other parties involved. MegaMix is automatically enabled for new iChat, Skype, and Gizmo Project sessions, and can be enabled manually for other applications (or existing sessions) through the Advanced Hijacking Options dialog."

I have addressed the problem in this post explaining how to fix this manually withoug purchasing anything extra. Scroll down to see the reply called "Troubleshooting Audio Settings for Nicecast.

I will continue to gather data about this issue Susan! and most important

CONGRATULATIONS Jason in getting your first cast to work!   THere's nothing like it!

Thanks lee

And thanks go out to lee for the screencast tutorial for Nicecast.

J. Robertshaw

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