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Mireille Massue's Introduction


Your new team

Hi Mireille, Thanks for offering to interview me. Not only is that fun in and of itself, but it's got me back to the Webcast Academy site reliving old times as a Webcast Academy Wannabe. I've managed to get a stream or two going but bandwidth issues or something made my streams instable and crash in frustration when I did them from UAE and since I was often streaming my own events that was one layer of complication I didn't need so I sort of let the skill lapse. I admire anyone who sticks with it, and one day I'll come back on board. So many people help each other so much here, it's quite inspiring.

Well, welcome to your new team and good luck with your endeavors.


Don't be nervous!

That was really well done - I think we should learn from you instead of you learn from us, well me that is. I still haven't graduated (lifetime plan)

thank you

hello mrsdurff

how about we learn together.

I would love to practice my interviewing skills, learn the technology and interview you.



Hello Mireille,

Nice job with your first posting. I'm happy to have a conversation with you any time to share my experience in the webcast academy and worldbridges.

Looking forward to connecting up and again, nice audio post!


Matt Montagne
Palo Alto, California

thank you

Hello Matt

thank you and may I interview you?


Sounds Good

Audio sounds good Mireille. Look forward to exploring webcasting possibilities from some virtual worlds. Your specs are OK, except the bit rate. You should be able to change that by opening the mp3 file and when exporting it, choosing 'options' and selecting '64kbs' where it says quality as shown in this screenshot:

thank you

i have a made note of the comments for future reference.

Now that I have my new headset, I'm good to go.

thanks you


audio | by Dr. Radut