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Meeting - Sept. 3, 2006

Hello Academy folks,

   Just a quick, last minute reminder that there will be a Webcast Academy meeting Sunday 4pmGMT for Class of 1.1 and 1.2 interns to check in and see 'where we're at'.  Topics will include:

- Interncasts for 1.2'ers

- Posting, streaming, and other tech issues

- 1.1'ers certifications and graduation

- upcoming webcastathons and this season's webcast schedule

- any other questions or issues interns would like to address

Sunday, Sept. 3, 9amPDT/noonEDT/4pmGMT (global times)

The recording will be uploaded shortly after the show for those who can't make it live.

Thanks to all those who kept the momentum going while I was away.  Very much looking forward to reconnecting and acting on some of my pent up webcasting energy.



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