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Floyd E. Lambert


Hello, I am Liz Lambert, and I joined the Webcast Academy in 2006.

It was not until the summer of this year (2009) that I have become an active member.  The gap between my membership and participation can in part be attributed to the many hardware issues I encountered.  Once I was able to make contact with Jeff Lebow, he gave me a great confidence booster when he promptly allayed my fears.  Thank you Jeff!

Now, here I am, at the end of quite an interesting journey, or should I say, a brief stop over on this infinite journey into the ever evolving world of technology.  I know that this is just the tip of the webcasting iceberg since my newly acquired skills would enable me as both a producer and webcaster to effectively establish appropriate networking links within and without the WCA.

It is my desire to share the extensive knowledge and skills gained to date with anyone who is desirious of receiving it.  I also intend to use the knowledge gained to improve my web presence and enhance my career.

Many thanks to all those who have helped make the WCA what it is today.  Special thanks again to Jeff Lebow, Sheila Adams, Cathy Evanoff, Ms Durff and Peggy George who have so unselfishly assisted me.  Thanks also to my guests, friends and relatives many of whom responded to short impromptu invitations.  Last but not least, thank you to Santon Lambert, my co-host for his unwavering support.

I was very fortunate to have a star-studded group of people appearing as guests on my shows.  This resulted in some very great content indeed, and given the positive spin and interest shown by the web community, the likelihood of a sequel seems to be in the offing.

Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 

Interview with Clayton Lambert former Guyana and West Indies Cricket Player

One of my main reasons for selecting Clayton as a guest is that he reiterated the saying that "determination can lead to success."  Clayton at the very early age of 12 determined that via Cricket he was going to tour the world , and by application, grit and determination he did - making his childhood dream a reality.  He toured every continent of the world.  A very remarkable accomplishment in my estimation.

Clayton shared this very interesting journey with us.  He looked at present-day cricket in the USA and came up with proposals to give the game a shot in the arm.  He also discussed the upcoming World Cup 20/20  Game, and gave us a comparative analysis of baseball and cricket in the USA.

After the show, he noted that this was the first forum in which he was able to trace his career from childhood to present day since most of his previous interviews focused on specific matches that he played over the years, and so as a follow up, he also expressed his willingness to mobilize a panel of cricket experts to talk about issues affecting the development of USA cricket and the measures being taken to resolve them.

Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 

This was definitely a case of "all's well that ends well."  The show was off to a bad start and had to be postponed to the following day after several pc crashes.  I then switched to my HP dc 7100 computer from which I aired the show.

While on a recent trip to Guyana, South America in July of this year, I noticed Shelly busily preparing for her lawn tennis summer camp for kids in her capacity as coach and co-ordinator.  I was fascinated with the summer camp's preparation, organization and related modalities.  This peaked my interest, and it was then that I determined that I had to have her on the show.  Fortunately for me, she had a brief stop-over in New York after an international coaching workshop in Spain and kindly consented to the interview.

Shelly shared with us her experiences as a lawn tennis player.  We looked at her many achievements and explored some of the obstacles/challenges faced in the development of the game in Guyana.  Her desire is to raise the standard of the game in Guyana to an international level so that the possibility of Wimbledon being held there could become a reality.

Among the other topics we discussed were the balancing of roles as a parent and professional; her cooking as well as her recent visit to Spain and New York as a tourist.  This was very interesting.


Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 

"I have music in my brain and blood..." - David Terhune.

"A firey discussion..." - Santon Lambert (Co-host)

On this show I had three guests:

          David Terhune - Musician and Writer

          Dexter Daly - Recording Artist

          Eslyn Lambert - Former Member, Guyana Police Mixed Voice Choir

My guests shared with us the highlights of their musical careers.  David and Dexter, much to our delight, treated us to live singing.  They also looked at the problems facing the music industry such as copyright, listenership and finance.

Dexter impressed us with stories of his one-man-band (Love Connection Band) involved in an exciting Caribbean tour while Eslyn recounted how the choir used their music to comfort and entertain.

David also shared with us his career as a writer.  Since he writes on political and topical issues, he was asked to consider a run for political office.  A very lively debate ensued with David being the opponent and everyone else being proponents. :-)

There was also talk of a follow up with a variety concert online.

Overall, the session proved to be very entertaining indeed.

The quality of the webcast was somewhat flawed because of computer issues.  There was some feedback from another pc in the room playing the same Ustream channel.  It was not until halfway during the show that I observed that my speakers were on and muted them.  I posted the much edited version.



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