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Streaming with Oddcast

Change Log (This blog is being edited till completion):
a. 10 Sept, 2006 - Modified 3.1.4 to 3.1.8 (Error in Oddcast version)
b. Added solution2

Webcasting with Oddcast:
The installation of Oddcast 3.1.8 from proceeded fine, however I had some issues when streaming. I was able to resolve some issues, and am working on the rest.

1. Could not find MP3 encoder
2. Could not record and save locally
3. Oddcast seems to be streaming audio from wave-out-mix even if I tell it to stream only from mic or line-in

1. The MP3 encoder was not visible because I did not select LAME encoder when installing Oddcast. By default it selects the Ogg Vorbis encoders but the LAME (for MP3), and AAC encoders have to be selected manually. I had to reinstall Oddcast with LAME selected, after which it worked fine.
2. Version 3.1.9 fixes the recording problem

I streamed audio to Sandbox B at a bitrate of 64 Kbps. The voice sounded decent (I have a regular mic), but there was a slight (acceptable) delay.

Is there a way to record the stream on the server, so that I know how it sounded? If I try to listen to the stream on the same machine, Oddcast streams the audio from the stream back to it. I tried all options for audio input but it always streams anything coming to my SoundMAX sound card. Maybe I need to do some research on their forums.

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