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Practice with kicking the host

Thanks to Brad and Jason last night, I was able finally to get to kick the host. A virtual kick the can!
At first I planned to just listen. So I brought my USB logitech headphone/mic . This works great for just listening. However, when I went to take over the broadcast things failed.
So, I picked up my Logitech USB mic, and headphones(ipod),then with a restart was able to use Nicecast, hijack the broadcast,SKYPE and archive so you will hear a little bit about our conversation.
Moving along!
It is great to work with a small group of people when troubleshooting.
Oh, I am using Mac intel Macbook, when I first was invited to join the skype conversation, I crashed. I am using Skype, not up to the beta!
I will try the ecamm and see what that is like, always learning new things from my cyberfriends.

Over and out. See you Sun. GMT 4PM at WEBcast Academy. Off to save and compress my captured conversation.

Macbroadcast09-0906.mp33.89 MB

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