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Gizmo Test Drive - A promising first webcasting spin

Gizmo Test Drive - A promising first webcasting spin

Download mp3 (55:06, 25.2MB)


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Gizmo recording

I wasn't part of the experiment (Jeff, Tim, Konrad), but I listened to the stream.

It was interesting to compare quality, especially with the options on the conference calls. It was also interesting to hear the differences in bandwidth usage.

I wish I had the time to play with Gizmo and conferencing. I can see a lot of possibilities for it.

Dennis in Phoenix

I like the Gizmo

I went on Webcast Academy around I went on Gizmo last night and sat in the conference room for about a half hour listening to the birds ... it was great. (I will enjoy being there next time with the group.) I thought I was live, talking to Jeff and Paul a little earlier but when they said lets try Gizmo I began to wonder if they had been a recorded session which I had been in some other evening. I was chatting with Tim and thought I was listening to Jeff and Paul then I lost the group.. dead air. (Stephen's recorded Worldbridges interview came on) At that point I sat in the conference room at the number given for Gizmo enjoying the space and playing around with Gizmo. After a while when no one joined and I could not find Jeff anywhere, I was sure I had been listening to a recording earlier and had never been interacting after all except for my chat with Tim. I must say, that was my experience with a webcast time shift. What reality am I in? Real? Recorded?

Live or Not - How to know?

Sorry for all this confusion. We really need to find an automated way to let listeners know if what they're listening to is live or recorded. SamBroadaster (the program I use to play recordings when not webcasting live), does have the ability to upload a 'what's playing' page via FTP every time a track is changed. See
Need to finish customizing that page before posting a main page link. I haven't found a way to indicate when a live webcast is taking place, but it should be doable.

Ahh... it all makes sense now

Thank you Lee for explaining what was going on yesterday. I was chatting with you, and you kept responding to Jeff and Paul and I couldn't figure it out. I was getting frustrated because I was trying to ask Jeff a question and getting no response. HAHA... it's funny now. Don't worry Lee... you're not the first person to have a conversationi with a recording.


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