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Liz and Randy - First Streamed Show

Hi everyone

Liz and I streamed to Sandbox A fairly successfully. We were discussing an article found online which was a presentation to the Education and Technology Committees of the New York City Council by Ellen Meir from the Center for Technology and School Change at Teachers College, Columbia University.

 We didn't get to start on time because of some technical issues. We resolved those about fifteen minutes after our start time. A few minutes into the show, the chat room let us know that I was coming through but Liz was not. I had forgotten to set the sound capture in SimpleCast to the sound card, so no Liz. We fixed that and were good until the end.

The attached file is from Audacity since the stream recording was not complete until half way through. 

Download MP3 (18.5 MB, 20:18)

liz_randy_wecast01_091706.mp318.59 MB

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