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Mac users Webcast Academy Workshop

Regular workshop session for Mac users. Please note this session will not be Skypecast. Details on how to join the private Skype call, for interns only, will be displayed in the Chat Room at the commencement of the workshop. Workshop is at GMT 1am.


Mac users

Cheryl Oakes
I w ou ld love to be part of this group, but I think tonight I am taking a technology break and watching a movie. Keep me in the loop!
I'd love to talk about NeoOffice sometime if that would be a good agenda item!
Over and out Cheryl

Mac users +


We loved you to join us. Seems like these Saturday nights/Sunday mornings are evolving into a regular MacBridges event.

J. Robertshaw

my pleasure

Cheryl Oakes
I will plan to join you all!

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