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Mac users Workshops - future guidelines

Last Sunday's session became a general discussion about all things Mac. While the discussion was interesting it took us away from the intended focus of the session, webcasting for interns. The deviation from program was largely a result of people outside the intern community joining the Skypecast. All future Mac webcasting workshops will no longer be Skypecast. Interns are asked to enter the Academy Chat Room at the beginning of the workshop so that they can be given the Skype Id of the person facilitating the workshop and be brought into the Skype call by that person. This procedure should ensure that sessions stay on topic and do not compromise Academy information that might be considered more confidential in nature. In response to the desire for more general discussion about Macs and their application to education and communication, we are pleased to announce, at Jason Robertshaw's suggestion, MacBridges. While there is not much at the site as yet, stay tuned to 'Upcoming Events' for our first webcast (sooner than you might think!).

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