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Webcast Academy Open House 1.3

A Welcome to all those interested in joining the Class of 1.3
Sunday, Oct. 15, 2006 4pmGMT


Class of 1.3

How does one go about enrolling in the class?
Does the class follow the content of the Book of Webcasting?

Applying for Class of 1.3

We will be getting the class of 1.3 going the week of Oct. 16. We'll be posting more details shortly and there will be an open house on Oct. 15 to provide orientation information. In the meantime, please fill out all portions of your member profile here on the site and click 'Contact' to send us a note letting us know you're interested in joining the Class of 1.3


Recording of the velcomeparty for class 1.3

Did you make a recording of the welcome-event yesterday - Sunday the 15. oct. - and if YES... where do I find this?

Niels Damgaard

Open House Audio Now online


Audio from yesterday's meeting is now online at:

As you may soon find out, it takes time to process audio after a show (especially after a 3 day webcastathon), so sometimes it will take a day or two before recordings are posted.

This could be shared

The question of sharing tasks was raised in the discussion. It seems like if we all did a bit of show editing it could spread the load. Would this work? What guidelines do you use to edit? Or do you think this job goes with the host role?

Shared Editing

I'm not sure how feasible it is to divide a piece of audio up, edit it separately, and then recompile it, but spreading the editing load around would certainly help. I'm working on a drupal module so that raw audio will be automatically uploaded and posted for those who just want to hear what they missed. We could then take turns editing the raw audio and publishing the edited version.

Happy to Help

As soon as I submit my course work this week, I will be available to help edit audio. I will put the word out just as soon as I finish with that submission then bring it on! :)

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