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Can't hear except for the stream...

Ok, I have VAC, Skype, a ShoutCast server, and Simplecast all working well. The only problem I'm running into is that when I configure SimpleCast to pull the audio from the virtual audio cables it does it fine, but I can't hear anything then. If I listen to the stream I can hear it just fine (albeit on a 20 second delay). What am I missing?

Audio Repeater

Hey Art,

If I understand correctly, sounds like it's the Audio Repeater (part of VAC) that's missing. This gives you the "echo" of what you're saying, and is also the key to recording both sides of a telephony convo. Set the "Total buffer (ms)" to 100. This means that the echo is a tenth of a second and less "freaky" than the full second (i.e., 1000) default setting.


That makes perfect sense. I'll give it a try this evening and see how it works. The VAC trial is an easy setup (although the "trial" every 10 seconds is a wee bit distracting.) :)


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