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Audacity behaving strangely

In preparing my short recording for my intro I mixed down what had been a stereo recording but everytime I opened the file after saving it, it was back to stereo. Strange, I do this all the time but this time it just didn't seem to want to allow me to edit it down to mono. I'll be interested to see what I sent out, mono or stereo?

Experiment with recording both ends of a Skype call? Is it cheating to use Pamela? This is a sKYPE ADD-ON which I use. I paid about 15 $ for it and it seems to work well enough once you have got the trick of dampening down the sound of the caller so that the person you're calling can be heard properly.


Audacity fine

Please ignore previous post. The edited files were going to a different place and I wasn't noticing.


I've said this before, but using Pamela makes sense as a tool for recording both ends of a Skype call in Windows. It's certainly not cheating.

Are your wondering whether you should be experimenting with Virtual Audio Cables and Audacity? I am wondering this. I did try VAC a while ago and I got really confused. And where does the audio repeater fit in to the equation?

However, perhaps now is the time to give VAC a go as we're amongst friends.

Recording Options

Anything that helps you get the job done isn't cheating. Pamela and other programs (see ) work quite well and are simpler to use than the more complex VAC + USB mic option of webcasting.

The limitation of such programs is that we have not yet been able to use them to stream both ends of a conversation, so only those in the skype call (or skypecast) would be able to listen. For some situations that will be adequate.

For info on how to use the VAC + USB mic options, check out this screencast

To see how it's doable with a regular mic and no VAC, check this one out.
I've been able to get this working with my desktop ( SB Live Audio Soundcard), but not my laptop (Simtel soundcard).

Time to dive in

Andrew is absolutely right. This course is the perfect excuse to get to grips with VAC. So I started by watching a couple of the screencasts you recommended but I have to admit that there are a whole swathe of new concepts in there and I am going to have to watch again and make careful notes. I have also downloaded the VAC software but have not yet done anything with it. Watch this space! And thanks for the advice and encouragement.


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