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How I could use webcasting

I have been giving some thought to how I could make use of webcasting skills. The first option which springs immediately to mind is in our Absolutely Intercultural podcasts. I wouldn't want every episode to be a webcast but I can see a place for occasional webcasting on that format.

I have just been asked to lead a project about experiential learning in which I have to deliver inspiring teacher training courses in that area so that struck me as one of the sub-projects my participants could do.

I am also project leader for a European project developing mentor training materials and I had already decided that we would have some online training sessions prior to our next meeting in March and so it is possible that these sessions could be in the form of a webcast.

So that's three ideas for starters. Enough to be getting on with for the time being I think.

By the way, having just listened to the recording of Sunday's webcast I realise that Pamela is not going to be suitable for streaming so I am going to have to get to grips with virtual cables after all (though Pamela has those too) something which I have been trying to avoid understanding as it sounds so complicated.

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