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Suggestions on recording screencasts

Any suggestions/recommendations on software for recording screencasts for playback by users through a web site? I'm not looking for real time playback, but rather for training of adult ed students on technical processes.



Quick note with another vote for Camtasia. They offer educational pricing as well.

Screencast Software links

Hi Art,

I work on a PC so my sources are all focused on that format.

I have found doing screencasts with Camtasia, very enjoyable..the only downside was the price (~$300).


However, I have actively sought out some open source and free screencast software: (no audio)


Here are a few other references and lists of screencast software: - a place for discussion and answers

If you decide to do a lot of screencasts (or webinars where you provide access to your desktop), you may want to download one of these little program for writing on the screen, highlighting, etc. (Camtasia includes these tools but the cheaper programs may not)

virtual board -

vbdoodle -

Just a note...I work in an environment where file size is a concern so I've been thinking more lately about optimized screen presentations in a 'slide show' mode without the I'd like to encourage you to check out this link and some of the options there (from Alan Levine at the K12 Online Conference):

By the way, you are welcome to "mine" my 'screencast' furl links here:

Hope this helps!


Great information...more ideas

Sue, That's a great listing of references. I'm all about open source so I'll be checking into those to see what would work the best. Personally I like the idea of taking the recorded files with voice annotation and visual markup and converting them into Flash files for playback. These types of training movies should be short (30 seconds to 1 minute) and to the point. Moodle has a plug in that allows you to run Flash movies from within your lessons, so for techinical training of staff I think it would be a winning combination. As for optimized screen shows I believe there is an open source application called Wink that records like a screen cam but actually captures invidiual frames as you're performing your actions. You can then go back and pull single frames for your slideshow with the knowledge you didn't miss anything taking your screen captures. Art

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