Can I carry on?

Dennis writing. I was/am a member of 2.1 but I was away for well over 4 weeks.  Can I carry on trying to stream - so far unsuccessful - so that I can complete the training course?


Streaming Dennis

Hi Dennis,

nice to meet you here as well as there.

As you can see we're many classmates from the European civilization in 1.3, which means that we could arrange some timely mini meetings at decent hours. Norway (Niels), Sweden (Bengt), Denmark (Anne & me) and one or more in the UK

As far as I get the idea of this academy version 1.x I would say, just go ahead & stream! If I can possibly be of any help, just let me know. PS Send my greetings to the blue toy Hippopotamus (known as Niels in Osnabrück, just like his twin brother at your grandchild's home in Scotland); this prehistoric beast want to be one of your invited guest speakers! Or perhaps the logo for your webcast presentation :-)

Reply to Sus

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Thanks for those most encouraging words. The world of ' SLEWC' scaffolding the learning of Englsih with computers' is a little like being on a liner - one keeps meeting the same people wearing sifferent clothes - at least hats.


I shall certainly push on trying to stream now that I'm at home for a long stretch. I know the program I want to do . interviews with classroom teachers. I must see if there is a jolly piece of music with "hippopotamus" in the title.


I'd love to speak with a group of colleagues, too, if we can get the time right. J've only visited Denmark, but I worked in Trondheim, Norway for 4 years, and I met Anne in Cologne.



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