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My brief intro - and problem solved with locating invisible Lame file

Oh dear. I made my recording in Audacity while we had our webcast session, strongly encouraged by Jeff. I managed to clean out some stuttering and uhms. Then I struggled for quite a while to locate the lame file, which has to be done from inside Audacity when you wish to convert from the .aup format to mp3. I knew this would be tricky as I've had this silly problem before. People have tried patiently to walk me through this, but with no succes - until now! I don't know why it was not unzipped properly in the Aucatity program folder as I wanted it to, and my Search skills are poor with the Windows PC for some reason (being a mac user by origin) At last I thought of opening the EasyZip folder - and there inside ! yes yes yes! I found the much desired Lame folder! No problem :-) Now, cross fingers, I'll upload this file. Please let me know if you're able to hear what I say: I think the volume is not very loud? I'd also like feedback on the metadata ID3 tags, Aucadity suggested two versions and I went for the version 2. Use the comments with your opinion.
WA1.3.2SusNy_intro_10_29_06.mp3635.28 KB


Missing "lame_enc.dll" file

I couldn't seem to find the above file when trying to confiure the Preferences of my Audacity program. I searched the computer and it doesn't seem to be there; I looked in the Audacity program file, under plug-in, and it is not among them. The error message I get when trying to configure the Audacity prefs is "MP3 exploring plug-in not found". I also tried to follow the Audacity tutorial, but at the point at which they mention this file, the fellow says, now "I hope you remember where on your computer you put this lame...file". The thing is, I never put it anywhere: Bottom line: I've got Skype and Audacity but can't seem to yet figure out how to record with EITHER. I realize I am a very late bloomer here and at this point, if I could manage to post an intro and read up on various things I've missed by a long shot, I'd still be grateful and pleased. Thx for any help you can supply. Catherine

Lame File

Hello Catherine, Let the challenges begin. This one should be pretty use to solve. Info at: Good luck, Jeff

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