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Small Group - Wednesdays?

Is anyone available on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 -7:30 or 8:30-10:00 EST to talk about our assignments?


Later on Wednesday is good for me

Hi Kathy and Art,

I'd be interested in a gathering and more specifically, I'd like to try my hand at recording both ends of a skype call.

I am most available during the 8:30-10pm time on Wednesday.

It was suggested in the meeting on Sunday that a good way to promote any of the smaller meetings is to send out a newsletter (go to "Create content"; select "Newsletter"; under the "newsletter" drop down menu on the newsletter page, select "Webcast Academy Interns"). I don't mind sending out such a request but didn't want to be too forward...

Perhaps we can get an agenda going for the meeting.


Send newsletter and set agenda for Wed.


So I assume this Wednesday will be the first meeting of our small group. 8:30 then? I'll await the newsletter for details. I too would like to Skype and try to record using Audacity with the vac. I've been experimenting but my recordings sound like some kind of alien conversation.

Be forward!

Feel free on the newsletter. I'm better at following a lead than taking one right now due to schedules.

Being Forward - The Newsletter has gone out - Wed. Mtg it is!

I thought I would post a summary of the newsletter here since it took a while to find the actual newsletter on the site (you should have received a copy in your email, though) - if you're curious, like I was...Go to "Content" (left column) and then you will see a table of all the site traffic - look for 'type' newsletter - Or click here.

By the way, Kathy just posted a poll asking about best times - great idea!!

>>>>>>>>>>>Newsletter Summary<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There is going to be a small group meeting on Wednesday Nov. 1st at 8:30pm EST for WebCast Academy Interns. Global times are listed here.

Okay, that was easy... announcing the meeting was simple... but where do will we actually "meet"??? I've checked the Book of Webcasting for some hints about these small group meetings and there wasn't a listing so I think we're on our own here and you definitely don't want me leading!! I participated in my first Skypecast on Sunday!...or was that a conference???...sheesh, so many terms to learn...

Anyway, I'm just going to jump in and say let's 'meet' in a webhuddle meeting spot. Here are the directions:

1. At 8:30pm EST (Wed.Nov.1st) go to:

2. Click on "Join Meeting" at the top of the page.

3. Complete the form on the "Join" page by using my email address - {see profile} and the password 'smallgroup' (without the quotes).

In the WebHuddle, I will initiate VOIP (Audio) and recording the session. We will start off by using the chat (since I'm unsure the audio will work) and do demonstrations if need be (see topic #2 below) - I'm hoping someone knowledgeable will drop by and 'offer' to create some skype-thingy that we can join (I believe we will have better audio but I'm really unsure)....otherwise, I will try my best to become a 'skyper' on the spot.

Agenda Items (thus far......please add additional things you would like to cover under the Wednesday meeting thread here: ) -

1. Round Robin on how everybody's doing - what's been fun and what's been frrruusstt...not so fun.

2. Tips, Tricks, Walk-throughs on How to record both sides of a Skype Call.

3. Next Time to meet (and suggested improvements, meeting techniques, etc).

I'm thinking we'll be together for about an hour and half or so.



Skypecast Tutorial on Youtube

I was looking around and found this useful Skypecast tutorial. I will attempt to set one up for 9:00 so we can switch if need be.


I signed up but couldn't select today's date.  It seems I will be able to edit it last minute and change the date to START NOW.  We''ll see.  It's set for 8:30 


Great start!

Excellent kick off to the process Sue. As to the question of how to meet, it would probably make sense to try a different method each time to give us some experience in the setup and operation of the various techniques. I'd like to add to your agenda a brief recap of the pluses and minuses you experienced in getting the meeting set up so we can all learn from it. Now the most important question...who's bringing refreshments? Art

Wednesday evenings

I can try to be available on Wednesday evenings.

Wednesdays attempt

I will try - but I am already getting overwhelmed. I plan on listening to the entire webcast tomorrow (from last Saturday). I have got vac now working. But, finding it difficult to figure out how to record a Skype conversation. Sharon

Wednesday small meeting

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


I am more than confused about where messages are stored. I already wrote to Sue about joining ou, even though I am from 1.2. I don't see that message here, though.


And now...I have been to Huddle, and it claims that there is no meeting with the pwd smallgroup, and it denied all knowledge of I'm still interested, though it will have to be from the next get together becuae I cannot get to you, if you are somewhere at the moment.



Whuddle Mtg - Realtime Access only

Hi Dennis,

I got your request to participate that you posted as a comment on the newsletter I sent out - no problem, come along! You haven't missed the meeting - it is tonight - 8:30pm EST.

I discovered after I sent the newsletter that I can not "book" a meeting room on WebHuddle - it seems to only allow access to meeting participants when the meeting is occuring - hence, I guess, the 'huddle' idea.

Therefore, the meeting room should be ACTIVE when I am there tonight (I tested this on Sunday and it seemed to work okay).

If you're having troubles tonight (8:30pm EST - not sure what time that would be in Germany), skype me or email me, I'll try to keep all channels open!


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