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Target Audience

The Webcast Academy EVO session is of interest to those educators interested in producing live, interactive webcasts.
Minimum computer requirements:

  • A PC with at least a Pentium4 and 512MB of RAM (or Mac equivalent)
  • A broadband connection with at least 500kbps download and 100kbps upload speed (test your bandwidth speed here)
  • A working soundcard and a USB desktop mic or certain USB headsets.
  • Ability to use Skype or another major telephony program like Gizmo or YM voice
Skills required:
Participants should be comfortable with, and have a degree of experience using the Internet, especially interactive sites and Web 2.0 tools. You should already have some experience with Skype and/or using other telephony or voice tools over the Internet, and some familiarity with content management systems (would be helpful).
Please note, this kind of webcasting is still an imperfect art, so the most important prerequisite is a willingness to learn by trial and error and spend at least 3~5 hours a week working on developing the necessary skills, collabaratively working with members of the EVO session and previous classes at The Webcast Academy.
Graduation: Those who are able to successfully complete the first portion of the session and publish 3 recordings of streamed telephony conversations will receive a 'Webcasting Proficiency Certificate' and become eligle to apply for a 'Worldbridges Webcasting License'.  However, if you have less time available but feel that you would still like to participate, by helping the others, posting in the discussion forums, commenting on posts, contributing to the Book of Webcasting, and learning some elements of webcasting along with the apprentices, then you are also welcome to join us.

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