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Weekly Outline

Week One: A week of introductions and familiarisation with basic tools. Participants will join our Drupal site, Webheads in Action, download Skype and some of the other tools used for webcasting (see detailed outline for week one), and participate in one of our introductory webcasts to introduce themselves and meet the other interns.
Week Two: This week, we will be examining the recording of telephony calls using Skype and will be looking at basic audio editing using Audacity. You will be encouraged to organise meetings with other interns, to record the conversations and to experiment with editing the audio.
Week Three: The Webcast Academy continues with examining good practice of hosting a webcast and practising interviewing & show management skills. Interns will be encouraged to practice by choosing a format for their show and then setting up a public Skypecasts. You will also be expected to participate in some of the Skypecasts held by other interns.
Week Four: In week four, post-production and advanced audio editing will be examined. Interns who are ready to do so will also be involved in basic streaming (i.e. beginning live webcasting) with Nicecast for the Apple Mac or Simplecast for the PC, and will record, edit and start to upload edited extracts of their webcasts to the Drupal site.
Week Five: Basic streaming practice will continue for all interns. In addition, different webcast environments (i.e. Second Life ) and other telephony programs (Paltalk, Gizmo) will be looked at.
Week Six: This week is a time for catching up and reflecting on what has been learned. Upon successful completion of their 3 interncasts and a 'commencement webcast', interns will receive a Worldbridges Webcaster Proficiency Certificate and have a Worldbridges Webcasting License. Those who have successfully completed the Webcast Academy will be invited to develop a show (perhaps at EFL Bridges or at one of the other World Bridges sites).
Those who still want to continue their training will be encouraged to do so at The Webcast Academy ), and everyone is invited to help us develop the session into a comprehensive and useful resource, and to keep in touch with your virtual colleagues for as long as you like.

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