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Which night (s) or day(s) do you prefer to meet?

Weekends only either Saturday or Sunday
0% (0 votes)
Any day of the week after 8 pm
17% (1 vote)
Monday after 8 pm
0% (0 votes)
Tuesday after 8 pm
0% (0 votes)
Wednesday after 8 pm
50% (3 votes)
Thursday after 8 pm
17% (1 vote)
Friday after 8 pm
0% (0 votes)
Daytime is best for me.
17% (1 vote)
Saturday only
0% (0 votes)
Sunday only
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6


Vote multiple times?

I wonder if you can vote more than once to choose several days? Try it.


Looks like one vote only

Once I voted, I could not get back to the polling page...I could only see the results.

I got to thinking though... my Wednesday night (EST) is really someone else's Wednesday afternoon or even a Thursday morning...YIPES!!! things get confusing fast in the global playground! Should we assume GMT for the times quoted? (If so, I sheepishly ask... can I change my vote?!)

Nice to know about the polling feature, though -

Just this a drupal site we're tap-dancing on?


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