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Trying to Get into the Groove

I missed the sunday meeting because I was out of town for a family function and could not possibly log in to join the group. Now I am scrambling to catch up. Have downloaded the mp3 file and will listen to what transpired and catch up on the conversations in print here, there and everywhere. Information seems scattered all over the place. I'm trying to find time to focus enough to catch the gist of the organization that I fear is not really here given the infinite expansion possibilities of the communication tools we are using. :-)

Student Podcasters
Here are a couple of my students podcasting on Tuesday afternoon.
Hey! if they can do it, so can I.


Fragmented thoughts

You bring up a good point. I thought I was keeping up with the information at a pretty good pace and I just discovered a bunch of postings I would have missed without the RSS feed subscription to the Webcast Academy site. If you're not doing that now, I'd suggest you start. Before this gets out of hand though, we should discuss the taxonomy we're using to organize all this "neuron fodder". Art

Very unorganized

I, too, am very unorganized. I am listening to the webcast from Sunday and trying to figure out where the things are that you discussed. I can't figure out how to find all the postings - newletters - blogs -- screencasts -- etc. Is there a better way? I also still need to do my first Skype recording, and finding it very difficult to find the time. Deep breath. Sharon

Breathe in...breathe out...

Ok, Sharon...let's get through this together. First off I would absolutely recommend you set up an RSS feed reader subscribed to the home page of the Webcast Academy home page so you're kept in the loop for all the postings here. Second, I'd suggest you use the function on the left side of the page called "The Webcast Academy Show Announcements". Since I subscribed this way it's been email after email telling me when the message threads have been updated. Finally, this is for the powers that be (that means you Jeff) it possible to add a wiki in Drupal that we can use to build out a link/information resource center for the academy? Art

Organizing Chaos

Class of 1.3, you're great.

To those experiencing frustration, we all feel your pain.  Not only can the tech challenges be quite frustrating, but there are few helpful guides aside from what the Class of 1.x has produced thusfar.  Additionally, we (the community) are still pretty early on the learning curve of figuring out how to make the most of this content management system (Drupal) and all the new collaborative technologies that can facilitate our learning and usage of webcasting.

To answer your wiki question Art, Drupal's collaborative books (like the Book of Webcasting) achieve a lot of wiki functionality. I find editing much more user friendly than wikis, but there needs to be a structural hierarchy. Tagging can however provide a wide variety of alternative navigation options.  You can also export entire books and import them in to other Drupal sites.
Add things like Drupal's organic groups and taxonomy options, and the possibilities are enough to make your head explode. Our fellow academics at the Drupal CMS Academy are working on such matters. In any event, Webcast Academy interns should be able to create new book pages and collaboratively edit any book page.  Revisions are automatically archived (click revisions tab to see).

At the risk of adding another ingredient to the info navigation chaos, I think integrating a Moodle into the Academy's efforts is a good idea. is born - a bouncing baby Moodle. We can discuss 'the plan' during an upcoming meeting.

Speaking of which, delighted to see mini-meeting plans take shape.  I'll be glad to provide skypecast support and/or streaming if desired.  Several fellow Class of 1.x'ers will be streaming their weekly 'Teachers Teaching Teachers' from 9-10pmEST on Channels 1 & 2 (great show for those who haven't heard it), so we can stream on Sandbox A & B.


Tonight's meeting

I'm going to throw this on the agenda for tonight's meeting as well...brainstorming about how best to organize all this "stuff" in Moodle. Art

Feed reading

Hi art, good point! My feed reading in Bloglines is unfortunately only sporadic because of overload.I've stuffed heaps of feeds into it since I started my collection, and now I almost forget to use my Bloglines pages. How to make a setting for a RSS feed where, I'll have to figure out - it is probably just in front of me somewhere. I'm now wondering how to develop a smarter personal routine workaround; I'm keeeping an eye here on the page often on the New Forum Topics and recent Comments, but also know that on some days I'm getting behind. Any more hints on how to do be a good Drupal community member and academy intern student? yours, Sus

RSS Spaghetti

I'm with you there Sus - I have a Bloglines account, a Superglue home page, a Netvibes home page, a Protopage home, an Elgg home page that aggregates many of the feeds from other home pages and each of these is stuffed with RSS feeds including blogs, podcasts and Delicious feeds. BTW, I have multiple homepages because Firefox lets you save a set of tabbed pages as your home page. It is really out of order! But how much of this information do I retain? Then, how much do I need to retain? The interesting stuff rises to the surface somehow. That's my strategy.

Another feed reader to try

Susan, I've been an avid Bloglines user for quite a while but I think it's been supplanted in my mind by Google's implemetation at I like the simplicity of the interface as well as the carry over of the key functionality that I was used to in Bloglines. There's even an easy import function for your feeds to prevent having to resubscribe. Art

Google Reader, Homepage and portability

Great points Art. I'm also a big fan of Google Reader and the customizable home page. One less heartache for me to worry about today while getting a new work laptop "whipped into shape." I REALLY like the fact that all I have to do is log into my Google account and I'm ready to go, notwithstanding what computer/connection I happen to be using.

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