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Small Group Meeting - Wed.Nov.1st -8:30pm EST...Everyone Welcome

Hello all,

There is going to be a small group meeting on Wednesday Nov. 1st at 8:30pm EST for WebCast Academy Interns. Global times are listed here.

Okay, that was easy... announcing the meeting was simple... but where do will we actually "meet"??? I've checked the Book of Webcasting for some hints about these small group meetings and there wasn't a listing so I think we're on our own here and you definitely don't want me leading!! I participated in my first Skypecast on Sunday!...or was that a conference???...sheesh, so many terms to learn...

Anyway, I'm just going to jump in and say let's 'meet' in a webhuddle meeting spot. Here are the directions:

1. At 8:30pm EST (Wed.Nov.1st) go to:

2. Click on "Join Meeting" at the top of the page.

3. Complete the form on the "Join" page by using my email address - and the password 'smallgroup' (without the quotes).

In the WebHuddle, I will initiate VOIP (Audio) and recording the session. We will start off by using the chat (since I'm unsure the audio will work) and do demonstrations if need be (see topic #2 below) - I'm hoping someone knowledgeable will drop by and 'offer' to create some skype-thingy that we can join (I believe we will have better audio but I'm really unsure)....otherwise, I will try my best to become a 'skyper' on the spot.

Agenda Items (thus far......please add additional things you would like to cover under the Wednesday meeting thread here: ) -

1. Round Robin on how everybody's doing - what's been fun and what's been frrruusstt...not so fun.

2. Tips, Tricks, Walk-throughs on How to record both sides of a Skype Call.

3. Next Time to meet (and suggested improvements, meeting techniques, etc).

I'm thinking we'll be together for about an hour and half or so.

A few other things.....

During Sunday's meeting, Jeff created a table for the 1.3 interns whereby you can add an "X" to keep track of the things you've done and see the things you have yet to do... You can check it out here:
At this page, you can select the "edit" tab and an "X" under the column of the task you have completed.

You can see Art's minutes from the Sunday's meeting here:

Paradox66 (sorry I don't know your 'other' name) has created a wikispace and has invited all interns to share the space with knowledge and mindmaps - Here is the link announcing this endeavour: and the wiki link is here:

Well that's about it... hope to 'see' some of you Wednesday night (EST) in the 'huddle'.


Skype ID - sl_info


Small group eeting on Wednesday called by Sue

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Great initiative. Thanks.

If you don't mind (I'm OLD - class of 1.2) I would like to join you. My holiday cut into the 1.2 course and I wasn't able to finish. I have still not managed to stream.

I downloaded the mind mapping program and - help. It is something that annoys me. I live in Germany, but I am English and prefer working in English. This program is one that, having spotted where I am, has given me a German version of the program, without asking me, which I would be happier without. Any suggestions?



Apologies if y9u get two copies of this.

Sure...Come Along! Wed. 8:30pm - WebHuddle

Hi Dennis,

I was hoping some interns and experts would come do join us - the more the merrier.

Not sure if we can solve your mindmap problem but I'll add it to the agenda!



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY
Thanks for writing, Sue.

Ah...The classical mistake. I checked the time your meeting will be relative to Osnabrueck Germany, and didn't take in the am. It is 0230 here, not 14:30....I would still like to be there, but it will depend on how well, or badly, I sleep.


Best wishes,



Global Timings... note to self

Ooops, sorry about that Dennis, I guess we should use the 24 hour clock if we're going to go global!


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