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Audacity new release 1.3.2 beta

News today that a new version of Audacity is available which 'contains dozens of new features and capabilities' including 92 LADSPA plug-ins for Windows.


elaborate please

What is LADSPA anyway? Should we think about downloading this ? I assume I would need the LAME download (will it work with this version)?

LADSPA and Nyquist plugins course work

Hi Sharon,

arker Morse currently teaches an Audacity course at Tufts University about working (and building your own ) Audacity Plugins. Although all I need for now is just knowing how to install ad use the plugins, as I'm no code wiz. I found some goodies and definitions here. Clear and stringent. See if this helps.

"The Linux Audio Developers’ Simple Plugin API is, despite its name, supported by all platforms which also
support Audacity; plug-ins need only be compiled as Windows DLLs to work on Windows."
(from lesson plan)


yours, Sus

Hope this helps. And who knows if we do have a code savvy genius who would love to tinker with this in our midst :-)

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